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Our Food Safety Makeover

January 23, 2017

March 16, 2017

UPDATE: As a result of the food safety issue we had in January, we renovated our production facility, brought in a food safety team to correct mistakes we were making in production, and beat the yeast issue. We are thrilled to have our product back in stores. We expected our customers to be happy to see us, but we weren’t expecting they would be THIS excited. Once we hit stores again product went immediately out of stock again, because of increased demand, and because we are now supplying more stores than ever. We are currently maxed out, making and packing yogurt 7 days a week. So we are out there searching for a new and bigger home for Anita’s Yogurt! Please stay tuned for news about that. Until then, we are working to get stores re-stocked and get our fruit yogurts back into stores by early April. Thank you for your support through our growth!

January 23, 2017

As you probably know, we recently had to halt our yogurt production here at Anita’s Yogurt while we work on resolving a yeast contamination that compromised the quality of several batches of yogurt with expiration dates between January and early February. As of now, we still have yet to resume producing yogurt on a large scale. We’re so sorry that you haven’t been able to find us in stores and even more apologetic that we don’t have a set date that you can expect to see us on shelves again.

At the moment, we’re working on temporarily relocating while we continue to overhaul and repair our own equipment to eradicate the issue. This is the fastest temporary solution for us to resume production of the yogurt. Our priority is to be sure that nobody runs the risk of buying poor quality yogurt before we make it available again to vendors for distribution. We value all of our customers and want everyone to know how appreciative we are of your patience and understanding during this time. We’ll continue to keep you posted with updates! We are confident that we’ll be back and running again soon, look out for details!

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