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January 4, 2017

You may have noticed that we’ve changed our packaging and logo recently! The decision to change the identity of a brand is always difficult– especially for a small company with a strong grassroots following. Customers don’t always embrace change initially for a product they already love. We’ve received many questions and concerns from our loyal customers who have noticed changes on our nutritional facts upon further inspection of the new packaging. First things first, we to assure you all that there have been no changes to the production and recipe of Anita’s Yogurt.

While there were a lot of strategic motivations for changing the look of the packaging, ranging from production efficiency to marketing (for more details visit Food52 here), our nutritional facts were updated to comply with new FDA guidelines.

Here’s what happened: we changed our serving size from 4 ounces to 6 ounces. Nutritional facts changed in accordance with the new service size. This is why you may have noticed a higher calorie content, an increase in the grams of sugar, or any other changes to our nutritional facts. On May 20, 2016, the FDA changed serving size guidelines in order to make it easier for consumers to make better informed food choices. While companies were given over a year to comply, we decided to make the switch early with our new packaging. You can visit the FDA page here to read more about the changes to their nutritional facts label.

It’s still your favorite coconut yogurt, just with a new look!


You can read more about our decision to rebrand our packaging on Food52 here:

You can find information on our ingredients on our site here:

You can read more about the FDA changes to nutritional guidelines here:

Anita's Yogurt is dairy free, additive free, probiotic, vegan coconut yogurt made in Brooklyn. Check out our flavors.

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