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Recent Quality Control Issue: Our Sincerest Apologies

January 9, 2017

To all of our wonderful customers: 

Sincerest apologies to you all. We have gotten feedback from a lot of you recently with questions about the taste of our yogurt. 

During the last week of December, we had a production issue that affected yogurt with the expiration dates between 1/14 – 2/4. Our facility suffered from a yeast contamination that compromised the quality of several batches of yogurt.  It is not harmful to consume, but the yogurt taste off and causes the containers to puff up. Regardless, it’s definitely not what we want representing our product. 

We became aware of the magnitude of the issue right after the holidays, and are now in the process of resolving it as quickly as possible. We are on our way to having the product you know and love back in stores. Thank you so much for you patience in the mean time! You have no idea how much we appreciate everyone’s feedback– it helps us ensure the integrity of our product and strengthen our business.

If you got yogurt from those dates that was not to your liking, feel free to reach out to us if you have not already! We would love the chance to make it up to you and answer any questions you may have.

Please bear with us as we work to assist all our customers.

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